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Breakfast Club

A great start to the day!


Breakfast club opens at 7.40am and runs until the start of the school day at 8:40am. The club is run by a member of our team and it is a safe and stimulating way to start the school day.


Children will be welcomed into school and will have a choice of a healthy breakfast: breakfast cereal, milk or water and toast.  Craft, games and other activities are on offer every day.


We ask that where possible bookings are made for an entire term and bookings need to be made at least in advance using the proforma below. This needs to be filled in and sent to the school office =


We accept childcare vouchers from the majority of employer operated schemes . 


Unfortunately due to issues with the HMRC systems we are not currently able to accept payment for breakfast club via the government tax free childcare vouchers scheme directly. However you can pay through the normal process and then claim the top up back from the government, please see the detail here as provided by HMRC;


Where a parent has successfully applied for Tax-Free Childcare but they are unable to make payments to their provider due to technical issues, including issues preventing their provider from signing up, HMRC will pay parents the equivalent of the government top up they would have received had they used their childcare account. Parents can make a claim by visiting:


Arrangements from September 2020


Following the guidance from the Government, breakfast club will be operating slightly differently to how we had planned, due to social distancing measures following the Coronavirus pandemic.


There will be 2 "bubbles" (Early Years and Key Stage 1), each bubble will have their own allocated table.  We also need to keep children in consistent groups, so unfortunately we will not be able to accept any children who have not booked, nor any emergency ad hoc bookings.

The breakfast club provision will be reviewed as and when Government guidance is updated, and we will of course keep parents informed of any changes.