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Local Academy Board

Local Academy Boards are being merged with the Standards Committee from the 1st of September 2020. Please see the following webpage for more information.



The information below applies until the 31st August 2020.


The Directors of the GEMS Learning Trust will establish a Local Academy Board at GEMS Wantage Primary Academy. Members of this board play a key role in supporting the Board of Directors to fulfil their statutory, contractual and regulatory duties of governance to ensure that the Academy fulfils the needs and expectations of parents, children and the community. 


The Local Academy Boards have the following functions:




  • To receive constitutional matters from the Trustees
  • To review and approve policies in accordance with the policy review cycle as delegated by the Trustees.


Stakeholder engagement


  • To engage with stakeholders; pupils, staff, parents/carers and the community
  • To monitor the effectiveness of the complaints policy and procedures; provide one or more representative the Trust on a complaints panel
  • To ensure that each Academy meets legal requirements to publish information online


  • Monitor educational experiences and standards

  • To scrutinise data and information regarding the attainment and welfare of all children
  • To determine timing and arrangements for parents’ evenings
  • To be consulted on a wide range of issues such as Academy uniform, term dates, the school day, provision of after-school clubs etc.
  • To support activities including trips, reading etc.


When undertaking school inspections, Ofsted inspectors will wish to see evidence of the impact of both the Board and the LAB on improving school standards and often wish to meet with representatives of the LAB.

Get in touch

If you would like to contact a member of the LAB and email address will be added in due course.




Further information

More details can be found in the LAB Handbook - this will be added in due course.