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We have a unique star challenge system which is used across the whole school and in a range of core and foundation subjects to provide our children with challenge in every area of the curriculum. Our star challenge enables us to lift the lid on learning. In lessons, the children make autonomous decisions, selecting the level of learning right for them for that particular subject area. We model and scaffold to the children as learners so that they are able to know how to make the right choices for them to ensure they have the chance to excel. We do not have fixed ability groups, instead the level of star (1, 2 or 3) indicates the level of learning the child chooses per lesson. With regards to homework, we ask that the children select the star that is most applicable to them (1 star is for those who require support or scaffolding to achieve the objective, 2 star is for most children - Age-related expectations - and 3 star provides opportunities for breadth and depth) and have a go at some of the challenges within that star group. 

Reception Homework - 16th December 2020

Reception Homework - 9th December 2020

Reception Homework - 2nd December 2020

Reception Homework - 25th November 2020

Reception Homework - 18th November 2020

Reception Homework - 11th November 2020

Reception Homework - 4th November

Reception Homework Autumn